Starfire Assistant Database Upgrade Utility (saupgrade)

Saupgrade is a tool which attempts to copy data out of a database from an old version of Starfire Assistant into a newer version of the database. Occasionally this isn't possible, but usually the majority of the data in the database is transferrable.

Here is a quick description of how to use saupgrade. If you have any questions or problems, you can send mail to I won't always have a solution, and I can't promise an immediate response, but I will try.


As well, here are some of the more recent patches and installs in case you need them

Caveats and Limitations

Note - this is just a personal hack done on my own time. It has only been moderately tested, so don't get mad if it doesn't work. I will try to fix bugs as I have the time, but I can't guarantee anything. As well, this is completely unofficial and not a formal part of Starfire Assistant, so don't bug Steve if it doesn't work either.

If you run into a problem when playing a game on a converted database, make sure you attempt to reproduce it on Steve's example game. Only if you can reproduce it on a non-converted database is it safe to pass along to him.

Tech system changes are not translated. If you have new tech systems in a version which supports saving and reloading use that before translation. Otherwise, you are out of luck. Sorry.

Large history logs will be truncated, as well any very large messages

In the V3.8 to V3.9 upgrade, any existing CFN Tasks will be cleared. The extensive improvements that Steve has made would make it difficult to safely copy over old CFN Task data.

In the V3.95 to V5.0 upgrade, Steve now calculates shipyard complex capacity by specifying a fleet for each shipyard complex. Since this information wasn't in the old database to move over, saupgrade randomly chooses a fleet in the same system and assigns that to the complex. It will likely guess wrong, so you will most likely have to set these yourself